Photo Taken by Andrew Manley |   Artist Spotlight :  Kai Streets  

Photo Taken by Andrew Manley |

Artist Spotlight : Kai Streets 

Director of Photography: Kai Streets Visuals | Complex | Creative Bliss

California Native, lover of paperboy hats and fold & tuck pant legs, Kai has always had a strong sense of discipline, creativity, vision and dedication to his craft. The art of story telling and directing the audience to see exactly what he wants them to see is the very reason he loves cinematography. As a photographer turn cinematographer, it's just as important to create a feel and mood then it is to guide the viewers eyes to a particular point in a scene, image or frame that not only captivates the viewer, but also helps create an emotion. That emotion aids to develop an attachment to the film. Fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, happiness, surprise, reflection, love, hatred.... it all has an images attached to it, and those images connect with our emotional state. It's these images that connect us all. One frame at a time. 

Clients: Complex, LA Weekly, Ciroc, New Amsterdam,  Shellback Rum, Acrylick, Sean Jean, City Grounds, Buskin Records to name a few. 

All photos and video on this site were taken by Kai Streets unless otherwise stated.